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    A vision for the future internet: a summary

    This longread summarises the main conclusions and recommendations of our Vision for the Future Internet working paper.
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    Working Paper: A vision for the future internet

    Read our new working paper, setting out NGI Forward's ambitious vision for the future of the internet.
  • Report or white paper

    Internet of Waste: The case for a green digital economy

    The internet’s environmental impact is increasing at a staggering rate and it is time for Europe to act. This report lays out a plan to clean up the internet.
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    Building a greener internet

    How can Europe play a leading role in building a more sustainable internet?
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    Minutes: NGI Forward Advisory Board meeting (22/07/20)

    NGI Forward's advisory board held its inaugural meeting in late July, discussing the project's priorities and ambitions. To promote transparency, we publish written summaries of our meetings.
  • Picture of Toomas Hendrik IlvesPost

    NGI Policy Summit: Former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves interview

    As president of Estonia from 2006 to 2016, Toomas Hendrik Ilves pushed for digital transformation, ultimately leading Forbes to label him “the architect of the most digitally savvy country on earth”. Every day, e-Estonia allows citizens to interact with the state via the internet. Here, Ilves discusses why other governments might be slower with such […]
  • Picture of Marleen StikkerPost

    NGI Policy Summit: Interview with internet pioneer Marleen Stikker

    Marleen Stikker is an internet pioneer who co-founded The Digital City, a non-profit internet provider and community for Dutch people, in 1994. She is now director of Waag, a cultural innovation centre in Amsterdam. Here, she explores the early beginnings of the internet, explains what went wrong, and ponders the future of online life. Marleen […]
  • Event

    NGI Policy Summit (28-29 Sept 2020)

    Bringing together a coalition of internet changemakers from 28-29 September, the NGI Policy Summit will explore how policy innovation, exciting new tools and citizen engagement can make the future of the internet more sustainable, democratic and inclusive.
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    Announcing the NGI Forward Advisory Board

    Our work requires the support and guidance of a broad community of experts and practitioners, and to help us achieve this we are excited to announce the establishment of our Advisory Board.
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    Net Partiality, July issue

    We’re on a roll with these newsletters now and I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming up this month. Data, data everywhere When technology perpetuates racism: Charlton McIlwain writes for MIT Technology Review about the fascinating origins of criminal justice information systems in the United States. Drawing parallels to the use of technology to trace […]
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    Eight goals for a human-centric internet

    As part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet initiative, the NGI Forward consortium aims to set out a vision for a more human-centric internet. This blog identifies eight key objectives that can get us there and inform our policy and technology research.
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    Net Partiality, June issue

    Oh, hello! Thanks for joining the latest issue of Net Partiality. It’s lovely to have you.  This month we’ve got more COVID-19 reflections, with a sprinkle of big data and several cookies to chew on. As always, get in touch if you have tips or suggestions for this newsletter. The Great Unwinding? Charting post-COVID-19 futures […]
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    Making sense of the COVID-19 information maze with text-mining

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an ‘infodemic’, flooding society with myriads of conflicting ideas and opinions. To help cut through the noise, we applied some of our data tools to map recent developments and understand how technology is being used and discussed during the crisis.
  • Longread

    The Great Unwinding? Charting post-COVID-19 futures for the internet

    Katja Bego, Principal Researcher, NestaMay 16, 2020 The world has perhaps never been more globalised than under this current lockdown. For billions, the internet – in many ways globalisation’s greatest triumph – has become their sole remaining window into the world. Having a Zoom meeting with team members holed up in their apartments three streets […]
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    Net Partiality – our newsletter is back!

    Here’s the latest issue of our newsletter of great reads about the internet. Send us any suggestions for content and please do share your feedback.
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    Greening the internet, remotely

    Team NGI Forward has got off to a cracking start in the new world of online conferences, with our debut session at IAM Weekend. Run by a collective of artists, technologists and activists, IAM brought together hundreds of attendees from across the globe to discuss The Weirdness of Interdependencies. We had a great time joining […]
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    €100,000 fund to trial experimental policy ideas and tools to build a more resilient internet

    NGI Forward is offering grants of up to €25,000 to ideas that could help empower governments to build a more resilient internet and tackle today's major challenges
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    How collective intelligence can help tackle major challenges…

    ...and build a better internet along the way!
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    Predicting future trends from past novelty: Trend estimation on social media

    Significant developments of internet technologies are being made across a wide range of fields – breakthroughs that will undoubtedly have a profound impact on society and be highly disruptive in nature. Given the importance of these technological developments, insights into emerging technology trends can be of great value for governments and policy-makers to be able […]
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    Mapping the tech world with text-mining: Part 1.

    Introduction As part of the NGI Forward project, DELab UW is supporting the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet initiative with identifying emerging technologies and social issues related to the Internet. Our team has been experimenting with various natural language processing methods to discover trends and hidden patterns in different types of online media. You may find our tools and presentations at […]
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    New Horizons in Search – workshop blog

    On November 13th, the NGI Forward project (the NGI’s initiative’s Policy Lab) held an expert workshop on the topic of search and discovery in the Atelier de Tanneurs in Brussels.  This workshop brought together over 30 invited experts from across Europe to reflect on the future of internet search, and help shape the European Commission’s […]
  • Policy tool or method

    Anticipatory regulation framework

    Regulatory systems are increasingly struggling to cope with the nature and speed of technological change. In this report we show how, through changes in practice, regulators and governments can become more anticipatory in their approach to disruptive emerging technologies and innovation. Download the report here Adopting these principles may require regulators to develop, or further […]
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    Exploring an NGI Trustmark

    Trustmarks are a well-established mechanism which help consumers make more informed decisions about the goods and services they buy. We all know the fairtrade stamp on our bananas, trust environmental certifications, and value Better Business Bureau stickers. Where we haven’t seen the trustmark used much yet, or at least not very effectively, is within the […]
  • Policy tool or method

    Collective Intelligence Design Playbook (beta)

    Nesta have developed a Collective Intelligence playbook to help you design and deliver a collective intelligence project. Collective intelligence is created when people work together, often with the help of technology, to mobilise a wider range of information, ideas and insights to address a social challenge. Although people have been working together since the dawn […]
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    When mind meets machine: harnessing collective intelligence for Europe

    Collective intelligence (CI) has emerged in the last few years as a new field, prompted by a wave of digital technologies that make it possible for organisations and societies to harness the intelligence of many people, and things, on a huge scale. It is a rapidly evolving area, encompassing everything from citizen science to open […]
  • Interview

    Interview with Audrey Tang

    In 2014, Audrey Tang was a software programmer dedicated to reforming the Taiwanese government as part of the Sunflower Movement. Now Taiwan’s digital minister, for more than two years Tang has introduced digital governance to the country, allowing citizens to crowdsource laws via the online platform vTaiwan. Here, Tang – a self-described “conservative anarchist” – speaks about the future of democracy, radically transparent governments, and fact-checking robots.
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    Interview with Olivier Bringer

    Olivier Bringer is Head of Unit at the European Commission, and in charge of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. Here, he talks about the initiative’s vision for a human-centric internet, the balance between regulation and innovation, and his predictions for the future.
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    The social promises of the blockchain

    Innovation always has a deep impact on society, new processes or technologies can completely transform existing systems and ways of working. But how can we ensure that innovation has a positive impact on today’s society? How can we make sure we achieve the revolutionary promises offered by emerging technologies? How do we identify real opportunities […]
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    Data science tools for technology mapping

    Technological developments play an important role in shaping virtually all aspects of life, from work and leisure to democracy and social cohesion. As technologies like AI grow in importance, and impact, even small issues can create huge challenges: from algorithmic biases to the collection of personal data, negative externalities can easily reach a critical scale. […]
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    Is regulation Europe’s competitive advantage?

    Europe could lead the way in creating a regulatory regime that stimulates innovation
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    Can Cities Be Guardians of Digital Rights?

    Everybody who’s professionally involved in technology in cities and communities agrees that the debate on digital rights has moved beyond the implementation of smart technologies. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) turned ‘Privacy’ into a hot topic, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal catapulted the debate on ethical use of data high up the political […]