People-first cities and the future of the internet

Cities and regions that employ technology with people and their needs in mind can not only build more effective, sustainable, trusted and inclusive public services – they can also shape the future of the internet for the better. 

Join us on Tuesday 23rd June from 3.00 pm CEST / 2.00 pm BST for a webinar that explores how people-first cities across Europe are improving lives, while leveraging their collective influence to set new standards for a fairer digital economy.

In collaboration with Nesta and Demos Helsinki, we will be hearing from Katja Bego from Nesta & NGI Forward, Maria Malho from Demos Helsinki, Veera Vihula from the City of Espoo and Tamas Erkelens from the City of Amsterdam.

If you’re keen to find out where we see the greatest potential for cities to reinvent both themselves and the technology that connects us, come along and join us for an interactive webinar that explores both, big ideas and real-world case studies.